Laura Nicolàs

Back in 2005 I started to work with Dynamics NAV (Navision). First in the support department, mostly solving functional issues and doubts. Soon I jumped to full deployment: consulting, analysis, development, implementation, migration, training and – also – support.

Right from the beginning I realized that it was very important for a NAV consultant to have a deep knowledge of business workflows. Technical knowledge is just not enough. So I started to train myself onto accounting, taxation, supply chain, logistics, etc. I discovered a whole new world and I found it very interesting.

After having enough consultancy experience, you get to manage the first project by your own. And then you also realize that tech and business knowledge is not enough: you also need to have management skills. This is why after reading different management books and trying different approaches on the projects I was working on, I decided to deep my knowledge on Project Management by taking a Master in Project Management.

I continue my training on the three areas (tech, business workflows and management) whenever I get the chance.

The net is a huge source of inspiration for me (groups, forums, blogs, books, etc.). I also try to contribute by sharing my knowledge and my experience with the Spanish Dynamics NAV community.

You can follow me at @TodoSobreNAV


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