94.000 companies are using Dynamics NAV

Have you ever wondered how many organizations ara using Dynamics NAV around the world?

In the conference Convergence 2013 we could see the number of existing implementations in the Dynamics suite worlwide.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 94.000 companies
Microsoft Dynamics GP 43.000 companies
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 39.000 companies (3 million users)
Microsoft Dynamics AX 18.000 companies
Microsoft Dynamics SL 13.500 companies

As you can see Navision is the winner regarding the number of companies that use it as their ERP.

Source: http://www.erpsoftwareblog.com/2013/04/how-many-companies-use-microsoft-dynamics-erp/

Laura Nicolàs

Author of the book Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013


6 thoughts on “94.000 companies are using Dynamics NAV

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  2. Using the number of customers as the base of revenue determination is flaw. You can have 10 small companies with 20 users each on one ERP system, while there is another 1 big company that have 200 users on another ERP system. The ERP system that the 1 big company is on may generate more cash than the other ERP that is used by 10 small companies.

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