We have a winner!

15 days ago I published the post
Win a copy of the book Implementing Dynamics NAV 2013. It was a contest to get a copy of the book that Cristina Nicolàs and I have wrote. The contest is over… and we have a winner!!

I want to thank all the participants on the contest.

Some of your comments are:

In this blog
Suresh says…
I am passionate about Microsoft Dynamics NAV and I am really excited about NAV 2013 and the possibilities it brings up on the plate for customers and solution partners. As a Navision consultant I am looking forward to learn the new features in NAV 2013 and I really think this book will help me to gain that knowledge.

In Mibuso
davmac1 says…
[…] And, if you don’t win the book, buy it – we need to encourage our NAV authors! (And, no I am not related to any of them ) […]

In twitter

@mbarada says…

link.packtpub.com/aCCk7N @TodoSobreNAV looking to know the way to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013


From all your comments, my wife Rosa has picked a random number and the winner is bfisher11!!

Congratulations Brent. Again, thanks you all for your comments.

Laura Nicolàs

Author of the book Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013


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