94.000 companies are using Dynamics NAV

Have you ever wondered how many organizations ara using Dynamics NAV around the world?

In the conference Convergence 2013 we could see the number of existing implementations in the Dynamics suite worlwide.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 94.000 companies
Microsoft Dynamics GP 43.000 companies
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 39.000 companies (3 million users)
Microsoft Dynamics AX 18.000 companies
Microsoft Dynamics SL 13.500 companies

As you can see Navision is the winner regarding the number of companies that use it as their ERP.

Source: http://www.erpsoftwareblog.com/2013/04/how-many-companies-use-microsoft-dynamics-erp/

Laura Nicolàs

Author of the book Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013


We have a winner!

15 days ago I published the post
Win a copy of the book Implementing Dynamics NAV 2013. It was a contest to get a copy of the book that Cristina Nicolàs and I have wrote. The contest is over… and we have a winner!!

I want to thank all the participants on the contest.

Some of your comments are:

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Suresh says…
I am passionate about Microsoft Dynamics NAV and I am really excited about NAV 2013 and the possibilities it brings up on the plate for customers and solution partners. As a Navision consultant I am looking forward to learn the new features in NAV 2013 and I really think this book will help me to gain that knowledge.

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davmac1 says…
[…] And, if you don’t win the book, buy it – we need to encourage our NAV authors! (And, no I am not related to any of them ) […]

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@mbarada says…

link.packtpub.com/aCCk7N @TodoSobreNAV looking to know the way to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013


From all your comments, my wife Rosa has picked a random number and the winner is bfisher11!!

Congratulations Brent. Again, thanks you all for your comments.

Laura Nicolàs

Author of the book Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013