Win a copy of the book Implementing Dynamics NAV 2013

Over the past year Cristina Nicolàs and I have worked hard to write the book Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013.

Some of its contents are explained on my last post Implementing Dynamics NAV 2013: architecture & philosophy.

Today I can give one free copy of the book, you can choose whereas to get the eBook or the print copy.
Please note: Winners residing only in the USA and Europe would get a chance to win print copies. Others would be provided with eBook copies only.

How can you win?
To win your copy of this book, all you need to do is come up with a comment highlighting the reason why you would like to win this book. You can use any of those channels to make your comment:
– Write a comment on this blog post.
– Write a comment on this conversation in mibuso:
– Publish a tweet containing this text @TodoSobreNAV + your comment

Selection of winners
Winners will be selected on the basis of their comment posted. All comments until 31/03/2013 will be taken into account.

Laura Nicolàs
Author of the book Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013


14 thoughts on “Win a copy of the book Implementing Dynamics NAV 2013

  1. I’m really interested to win this book since I’m a big Fan of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and I want to know more about the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 and how to implement it and finally I would like to know more about your style of writing the book so maybe I can use it as gift later on to my customers and my employees.

  2. As NAV2013 has only been released recently in our region (Belgium), I think this book is very valuable for us. We are only starting implementing NAV2013 and reading about the experiences of people using NAV2013 for a while is very interesting.

  3. I would like to win (and read!) this book to help my team optimise the implementation processes for NAV. Our focus is on fast, repeatable implementations for small companies who prefer to have their NAV in the cloud.

  4. I am passionate about Microsoft Dynamics NAV and I am really excited about NAV 2013 and the possibilities it brings up on the plate for customers and solution partners. As a Navision consultant I am looking forward to learn the new features in NAV 2013 and I really think this book will help me to gain that knowledge.

  5. I currently work for a very big end customer and this book would be the perfect learning material in order to prepare a Demo and convince the management to upgrade towards NAV 2013! I’ve already read the sample chapters on packtpub and the content seems really relevant and well explained. Thanks for delivering such great learning material to the NAV community !!

  6. looking foward to learning from your experiences. i haven’t had the chance yet to work on 2013 as I am working on a project in no man’s land for the time being… scheduled to go on for couple of months at least. With the help of your book, I am looking forward to avoid the little mishaps that come with first time implementation and delivery better quality to thy customers. and most important to keep the Nav enthusiasm and passion alive 🙂

  7. I would love to receive a copy of your book. As the director of our NAV practice at Tribridge we are always looking for improved ways to lead implementations effectively and with the most benefit to our customers. NAV 2013 introduces many new tools to help us accomplish this with the web client, Sharepoint portal framework, rapid start and much more. Ready to take a look at the book and share with our team.

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  9. As I am into implementation and consulting of Dynamics NAV Projects. Currently working on NAV 2013 projects. I think I need this book to create one more successful story in the NAV World.

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