NAV 2013: Small big changes on the fields lenght

As Vjekoslav said on his blog NavigateIntoSucces, in Dynamics NAV 2013 many fields have grown from 30 characters to 50. It may be seen as a small change, but the 30 character limitation gave more than one headache to the companies using Dynamics NAV.

On previous releases of Dynamics NAV some fields have already grown to 50 characters, like customer’s or vendor’s names. But Item names and General Ledger Accounts names remained with their meager 30 characters.

With Dynamics NAV 2013 all fields called Description or Name are now 50 characters long.

The descriptions of Items, Variants, Payment Methods, Fixed Assets, etc. Up to 169 description or name fields have grown with this release.

More changes on lenghts…
– The field “Your reference” found on most document headers grows from 30 to 35 characters.
– The fields “External Document No.”, “Vendor Order No.”, “Vendor Invoice No.”, etc. grows from 20 to 35.
– All “User ID” fields grow from 20 to 50.

Laura Nicolàs


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